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Will McClay Draft Strategy and Draft Talk

In this episode we are discussing Will McClay's draft strategy and how it will be tweaked for Coach McCarthy. We'll also dig into some Cowboys roster and draft talk leading up to the Senior Bowl. The top names being mocked to the Cowboys and who we like early in the draft process.

Early Look at Dallas Cowboys Free Agency, Keep or Let Walk

In this latest episode we are discussing the Dallas Cowboys free agency, in particular, who stays and who do we let walk. We'll discuss the future of all our free agents, including Amari Cooper, Byron Jones, Dak Prescott, Sean Lee to name a few.

Mike McCarthy Hired, New Coaches Coming Onboard

In this episode we are discussing the Dallas Cowboys new hire Mike McCarthy and assistants he is bringing onboard. We are ushering in a new year and new attitude, we'll discuss in detail what this means for the Cowboys moving forward.

Cowboys Regain Identity Versus Rams and Previewing the Eagles

In this episode we are discussing whether or not the Dallas Cowboys regained their identity versus the LA Rams. Is Jason Garrett's job safe? We'll talk about that, and we'll close out by previewing the Eagles NFC East Championship matchup.

Garrett’s Final Games, Coaching Rumors and Previewing Rams

In this episode we are discussing the future of the Cowboys, mainly that of Jason Garrett. We'll also discuss some coaching rumors and whether or not we believe Jerry Jones has not met with Urban Meyer. We'll close it out with a preview of the Rams matchup on Sunday.

Jerry Jones Sets Super Bowl as Bar and Previewing Cowboys vs Bears

In this episode we are discussing the news of the day, Jerry Jones had some interesting comments on 105.3 the Fan, and we'll dissect it. Possible coaching candidates hit the market this week. We'll discuss Leighton Vander Esch neck problem and close it out with Cowboys vs Bears preview.

Fallout From Patriots Loss, Garrett Hot Seat, and Bills Preview

In this episode we'll briefly touch on the fallout from the Patriots Loss, then we'll transition to the hottest topic of the week, Jason Garrett's hot seat. We'll close it out with the preview to the Thanksgiving game versus the Buffalo Bills. What's our favorite side dish for Thanksgiving, we'll answer that too.

Cowboys Win, and Previewing the New England Patriots matchup | Cowboys vs Patriots Pregame

In this episode we are briefly discussing the Cowboys victory over the Lions, then we'll kick into high gear and talk about the Cowboys vs Patriots. Will we see more Tony Pollard? Is the Cowboys offense one dimensional? Is the Defense going to hold back the Cowboys? All of this will be discussed and more.

Fallout from Vikings Loss and Previewing Detroit Lions Matchup

In this episode we'll open up with the fallout from the Minnesota Vikings debacle, and we'll close it out with a preview of the Dallas Cowboys vs Detroit Lions.

Previewing the Dallas Cowboys vs Minnesota Vikings

In this new episode we are discussing the upcoming matchup between the Dallas Cowboys 5-3 and Minnesota Vikings 6-3. Both teams are equal in all phases, so we'll discuss the difference makers.